History and Mission

For more than 50 years, Mary Lind Recovery Centers has provided residential substance abuse recovery services to homeless men and women throughout Southern California. Mary Lind's primary service area is central Los Angeles, including downtown’s Skid Row and the Westlake District’s MacArthur Park. This area has the highest poverty rate in Los Angeles County (33%) as well as the majority of the County’s homeless substance abusers. At any one time, we serve more than 300 men and women, most of whom are homeless, at our Royal Palms, Bimini and Rena B. recovery homes.

Our mission is to provide the opportunity for the chronically welfare-dependent alcoholic and/or addict to become a sober, self-supporting citizen. We believe that recovery, adult education, and job preparedness work together to resurrect lives. We also believe that education gains and employment preparation increase the odds of sustaining recovery.