“I arrived at the Royal Palms pushing a baby buggy with all my personal belongings after spending a year sleeping on a bench in MacArthur Park. Today, I am a Human Resource manager.”
Charles S. ‘96
“Dying in the streets, to living and managing a recovery home.  Thank you Mary Lind Recovery Centers'.”
Jackie J. ‘80
“I will be forever grateful to the Bimini House for being available to me in my time of need for food, shelter, and counseling. The staff helped guide me to sobriety and return to society.”
Alvin B. ‘92
“My option was jail or a recovery home.  Thankfully I chose recovery.  The Royal Palms has given me the opportunity to clean-up, straighten-up, and feel good about myself.”
Nate H. ‘00
“The Mary Lind Recovery Centers' provided a safe and sober environment and saved my life.”
Dudley G. ‘99
“Rena B gave me the Recovery Centers' and the tools I needed to live life on life’s terms.”
R.C. '95
“After countless vain attempts to stay sober, I found that the information given to me by the Mary Lind Recovery Centers' set me on a path of right thinking and living.”
Joseph B. ‘00
“I am very thankful to The Mary Lind Recovery Centers' for teaching me how to find a power that could save my life.”
Fred S. ‘94
“The Mary Lind Recovery Centers' has successfully integrated both substance abuse treatment with education and employment skills that has enabled veterans to return to the community.”
William Daniels
Director Dept. of Veterans Affairs
Greater Los Angeles Comprehensive Homeless Center